The plan for the land

The Phuntsok Namgyal Ling Foundation is currently raising funds to purchase a piece of land in Europe. Ideally, this will be situated in a remote, natural location, with fertile soil to grow crops and keep animals. Whether near the coast or in the mountains, this center will be a place of sanctuary, removed from busy urban life. It will provide a space not only for a small organic farm, but also a residential meditation retreat center for monastics, lay practitioners, and individuals with a spiritual background.

Phuntsok Namgyal Ling will be a place of practice and learning. There will be guidance provided by lamas to seasoned practitioners and those individuals looking to deepen their study of the Buddhadharma. Phuntsok Namgyal Ling particularly envisions itself to be a place of refuge to the terminally ill and those with long-term sickness, providing a peaceful and meaningful home for those in need and looking to make a connection to Buddhism.

Living, retreat and self-sufficient

People can live from and on this piece of land. Self-sufficiency is the goal, learning and developing skills to  grow crops, make clothes, make cheese, etc.

There is room for people who want to hold short-term retreats, and also long-term retreats (100 days, 3 months, 3 years or longer, or permanent).  If one wishes to hold a retreat, it is necessary to provide one’s own lodging (e.g. build housing, bring a tent) and to help in the day-to-day running of the land. This could include cooking, maintaining the crops, taking care of the animals, etc.

This will be a place of simplicity, with limited modern luxuries (no internet and the like), so only the basic needs can be provided through personal contribution.

A place of meditation and practice

A separate section of the land will be designated for committed meditation practitioners and long-term retreats. This area will be arranged so that long term retreat participants can remain undisturbed. A second area will be designated for short-term retreat practitioners and / or those individuals living with long term illness.

Temple and stupas

A temple will be constructed, where daily practice, teachings, and public lectures can be held. Small stupas will decorate the landscape. A large, central stupa will magnetize this sacred space.

Like all great endeavors, Phuntsok Namgyal Ling will start on a small scale, with the aspiration to steadily develop its land and infrastructure through donations and individual contributions. Lama Jigme Namgyal has committed himself to raising awareness and funds for this project by giving public lectures, trainings, seminars, and workshops. We need your help to realize this vision.