Our mission

Creating an environment for people to live, live life and learn according to Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Goal of the foundation

The goal of the foundation, with the exclusion of every profit objective, is to teach Buddhism, to organize lectures on Buddhism, seminars, retreats.

To provide for a place of practice and reception from our own means, to acquire real estate for this purpose and to do so in so far as possible self-sufficiency, including through the cultivation of own crops, to perform all activities in connection with the worship services.

The still to be realized Buddhist center cultural and spiritual patrimony of Buddhism – in particular the Tibetan tradition – serves as the basis for achieving this goal.

The specific approach, insights and methods of Buddhism are also used to initiate a dialogue between people, cultures and thus contribute to a harmonious society of tolerant and conscious citizens with a sense of responsibility and an altruistic attitude.

Outline policy plan

Phuntsok Namgyal Ling believes in the power of people to take responsibility for their own development and unselfishly contribute to a better world.

In order to provide a center where these activities can be developed, come to fruition and perfection, the foundation will acquire a location where a Buddhist center can be built, self-sufficient, with lectures, events and studies leading to a knowledge center aiding the development of interested practitioners.

Target audience

People whom this appeals to belong to the target group. The focus of Phuntsok Namgyal Ling lies in the development of people regardless of origin, age or religion in a quiet, healthy and safe environment.

The center offers minimal distraction from the modern world for participants so that they can concentrate on themselves and the means to be able to develop.

Everyone who has the internal motivation to develop and a personal sense of responsibility to help not only themselves but also others to strengthen themselves internally, can use all the resources that the foundation makes available.

Our method

All teaching materials are based on Buddhist philosophy and in particular Tibetan traditional teaching.

The promoting of self-sufficiency will be a major aspect of the center. It will grow its own produce and there will be a degree of freedom in building and expanding shelter, working in common as much as possible.

All this leads to a joint development of body and mind at a location that promotes this and minimizes external stimuli from modern society as much as possible in order to develop more effectively and efficiently.

In addition, we are looking for donors who:

  • Wish to support
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Chairman D.C. Kosten
Secretary D.C. Kosten
Treasurer K.W. Ho
Board member J.S. Namgyal

About the Foundation

Name Phuntsok Namgyal Ling
Chamber of Comerce 70659788
RSIN 858411593
Email info@phuntsoknamgyalling.org
Phone +31624443367
Mail or visit address Weesmeesterstraat 26, 2645MC Delfgauw

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Remuneration policy

Phuntsok Namgyal Ling lives on donations from donors. One of our core values is stewardship, which means that we want to use the resources that we receive well and efficiently. We therefore monitor our expenses sharply from the operational management. Everyone who works for the foundation does this completely voluntarily. There are no salary costs.