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Phuntsok Namgyal Ling

Meaning “the sacred place of abundance”, Phuntsok Namgyal Ling aspires to be a center dedicated to mindful living. Safeguarding the values of traditional Tibetan living – harmony between land, animal and humanity – and dedicated to the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Phuntsok Namgyal Ling will be a place welcoming all individuals looking to make a deeper connection with heaven and earth. Please join us in this vision.

The Phuntsok Namgyal Ling Foundation is currently raising funds to purchase a piece of land in Europe. Ideally, this will be situated in a remote, natural location, with fertile soil to grow crops and keep animals. Whether near the coast or in the mountains, this place will provide a space not only for organic farming, but also a residential meditation retreat center for monastics and lay practitioners alike.

The path to cultivating inner peace is fundamental to being human

Lama Jigmé Namgyal

Discovering inner peace

In order to live a life that is fulfilled and happy, we need to experience the mind’s natural, innate inner peace. The various problems that we face may at times seem endless. However, it is possible to discover an inner stability and clarity, wherein these difficulties begin to lose their hold on us.

The path to cultivating inner peace is fundamental to being human – there is no distinction as to religious, cultural or social background. Phuntsok Namgyal Ling is a place open to all.